What Is the Difference between ReactJS Training and React Native Training


Reactjs is the front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces for web and mobile application. It is free and open-source, front-end library responsible only for application’s view layer. Let us first look at what is JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language used for creating and controlling dynamic web content. It is used to add animation graphics, interactive features to web applications. Before Reactjs, developers used less-UI focused React predecessors like JQuery. That means longer development times and mismanagement. Therefore in 2011 Facebook engineer, Jordan Walke developed ReactJs to improve UI development. In addition to that ReactJs also provide reusable React library to save development time and cutting down on errors. React comes with two key features that add to its intrigues for JavaScript developers:

  • JSX
  • Virtual DOM

  • JSX :- The integral part of any basic website is HTML documents. A web browser reads these documents and projects them on webpage. Throughout this process, browser create a Document Object Model (DOM), a representational tree of how web pages are arranged. JSX is known as JavaScript Extension. It is a react extension which allows us to write and add HTML in react. It is compatible with every browser platform.

  • Virtual DOM:- If a developer uses JSX to manipulate and update its DOM, ReactJS creates something called Virtual DOM. It is a programming concept where a virtual representation of UI is kept in memory and synced with the real DOM by library such as React DOM.

React Native

Mobile apps have made our life easier. Everything happens through mobile app. There are so many frameworks, resources and tools that developers use while developing mobile app. These tools provide various functionality to effectively decode user’s problem. And one of these tools is known as React Native. With React Native we can build mobile application with JavaScript. Generally mobile application uses Java for developing mobile applications. React Native is a mobile-app development framework that enables the development of multi-platform Android and iOS apps using native UI elements. It is the most popular framework for developing cross-platform application. It uses only JavaScript to build a mobile application. It uses native component rather than using web components as building blocks. These mobile apps are not over browser. It is also not a hybrid app that builds over Ionic, Phone Gap etc that runs over Web View components. It provides developers having a strong web development background.

React vs. React Native

ReactJs and React Native are the in popular technologies in app development industry. Both these technologies have similar names and are launched by facebook. In this article we will glance at of the business advantages and limitation of both the platform and draft the difference between the two.

Why do developers prefer using React Js?

  • The development of intricate web application is easy.
  • Components are refillable.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Availability of SEO friendly tools.

Why do developers prefer using React Native?

  • Live Reloading
  • Strong performance.
  • Budget-friendly and saves cost.
  • Community Driven.

React Native and ReactJs represents different characteristic of react ecosystem and distribute various purposes.

  • Programming Language: -ReactJs uses a combination of JavaScript and HTML on the other hand React uses Swift, Java and Kotlin programming language.
  • Animation: -ReactJs uses a common react animation, react transition group, react reveal to modify CSS. Whereas on the other hand react native don’t deal with CSS, the framework offers its custom tools.
  • Platform-dependent code: -ReactJs creates an Interface that can be easily work with desktop, mobile devices and tablets. In React-native the main task is to update the application to iOS and android respectively.

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