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India is regarded as the centre of IT education, with institutes and colleges offering various courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and certificate level. India has top global IT companies with a sizeable number of Indian IT graduates working in various capacities. In fact, USA accounts for more than 60% of Indian IT professionals. College is the most remarkable and lovable times of an individual’s life. College exposes us to whole new experience which we always dream of experiencing. As the roller coaster academic year 2020-2021 comes to an end, the race to find the best college admission is about commence where students and parents are gearing up to choose the best possible college to facilitate on their future venture . There are many colleges to take admissions but the prime concern is the placement and chooses a college with the highest placement rate. Computer Science is an academic program which integrates the field of computer engineering and computer science whereas information technology is the practical application of technology. IT specialists support the day to day operations of a computer network. In information technology degree programs, you will learn basic programming and you can choose to do specialization in areas like database management, networking or security. A career in IT will give you the opportunity to interact with co-workers daily, helping to solve their technical problems in the workspace. With the evolving time, graduation is becoming pretty much a basic education. Many organizations need experts with more qualifications. This increases their chances of getting promoted when in a competitive workplace. Because of the rapid shift in economy and so is the skill set needed by employers too. Higher education course assurance a basic polished rice. This helps them to encourage in the workplace. It is often agreed that having a plan for your career is better than the trial and error method almost all institutes offer certification options that allow IT professionals to show evidence of their adroitness within certain areas of technology. Individuals wishing to pursue a career in IT should develop rigid critical thinking and logical skills.