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React Native Training Institute in Jodhpur

React Native- Introduced by Facebook in 2015, is a top-notch cross-platform framework amongst developers and product developers nowadays. React Native helps in building intuitive, visually appealing and user-friendly mobile applications for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Moreover, It is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks that take advantage of the complicated, component-based user interface.
When we are writing React Native we also get the added benefit of the entire JavaScript ecosystem. Tools like Bluebird, Moment are at your disposal, which can help to make our code cleaner and more efficient. Just be careful not to add to many packages or we might begin to notice some bloat in the size of your app.
It is recommend , developers who feel comfortable with a native language to take a look at React Native, get our hands dirty a little bit and we will see where we can get benefit from it in our regular development process; however, if you are a newbie, go and learn a dedicated platform first.

Best online training in React Native are-

Classroom Training: OILab offers Classroom training for all courses in Jodhpur and top courses as a scheduled batch in selected cities.
Live-Online Training: Live Instructor-Led and Interactive Online training delivered globally using top technical trainers.
Real-life Case Studies: Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving real-time projects of the various concepts of this course.

Certification at OILab

Towards the end of the course, you will be given access to online tests for certain courses. OILab certifies you as a certified on the specific courses and We issue a course completion certificate for most of the courses.

React Native Framework is a preferred choice of many development companies that have a mobile-first approach for creating exciting apps that we use on a daily basis. A React native developer finds agility and ease while developing React Native apps. It also offers the advantage of a large community base, hot reloading, and stable apps.

react native tarining in jodhpur

Course Features

  • Quizzes:8
  • Duration:2 Months
  • Skill Level:Beginner
  • Assessment:Yes

Why Choose Oilab Learning Institute for React Native Training in Jodhpur:-

In this course , you will learn each and every topic with the help of hands-on labs. This program includes a hands-on live project with the implementation of recommended design patterns and practices.
OILab Learning is developing and changing students lives by providing them free coding classes and enhancing them for job interviews which will help them develop soft skills and personality.
It is a 22nd century focused coding institute which will shape and mold you towards coding.

React JS course in Jodhpur

React JS course in Jodhpur

React JS Training in Jodhpur takes the work out of building user interfaces by providing an open source JavaScript library for your code. It's maintained by none other than Facebook, a master at the user interface, plus a community of developers dedicated to improving this (relatively) new library. ReactJS works as the "view" in Model View Controller (MVC) programming and reduces boilerplate language through declarative code. There is some minor set up involved, but after that, you simply begin your code without having to generate a component boilerplate. Components receive immutable traits through props and pass states to child components through the use of props. It also features a virtual DOM (document-object-model), and the program takes care of child component changes through re-tendering.

React JS training in Jodhpur includes-
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • React Fundamentals
  • Advanced React
  • Integration with API
  • Hands-On Assignments
  • 24X7 Support
ReactJS Certification Course in Jodhpur's main objective is-

completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe JavaScript and ES6 concepts like objects, classes, arrow function
  • Explore React basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  • Create components, routing and forms validations etc
  • Explore Redux basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  • Create REST Services using Web API
  • Consume REST API using Axios
  • Implement Authentication and Authorization for users
  • Building Responsive UI using Bootstrap
  • Implement token based security
  • Publish their App on cloud server
What Oilab learning Jodhpur have for you
  • Real-World Projects : Build 10+ real projects and juice up your portfolio. From Instagram Stories to Fintech, and everything in between.
  • Industry Mentorship : Learn and be guided by top industry professionals, LIVE! Leading devs from Jio, Amazon, PayTM, Microsoft and many more
  • Assured Jobs : With Pay Later, we work with some of the biggest tech companies. Get minimum assured salaries or do not pay the fee for the program.
    Get placed in top companies and pay after you start earning. 100% Guaranteed Placements from OILAB. START CODING FOR FREE.
React JS Courses in Jodhpur

Course Circullum

  • Creating React Environment

    • Installing Dependencies for the Development
    • Creating First App
    • Running App in the Simulator
    • Running App on Both Android and iOS Device

  • Simple React Natve App Creation

    • Adding Styles to the Elements
    • Toggle Buttons
    • List Items
    • Flexbox to create a Layout
    • Navigation setup
  • Simple Animation Implementation

    • Simple Animation
    • Multiple Animation
    • Animated Notification
    • Container Collapse and Extend
    • Loading Animation
  • Data and Application Logic

    • Redux, Appwork Flow and Others
    • Redux Overview
    • Working with Redux
    • Choosing App Workflow
    • NativeBase for the Cross Platform UI
    • Styling UI component
  • User Interface Implementation

    • Developing Reusable button
    • Creating Design for the Tablet and iPad
    • Including Custom Fonts and Icons
    • Orientation Change Detection
    • Webview to embed external websites
    • Creating a Form Component
  • Advanced User Interface Implementation

    • Implementing Google Map into the App
    • Audio Player and Image Carousel
    • Creating Push Notification to the App
    • Browser Based Authentication
  • Bringing Native Functionality

    • Rendering Custom iOS Component
    • Rendering Custom Android Component
    • Application State Change Reaction
    • Push Notification Setup
    • Playing Audio File in IOS and Android
    • Production, Testing and Build
    • Deploying App on Apple App Store
    • Deploying App on Google Play Store

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